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It’s no secret that traveling with young children involves certain difficulties. And if you can rent bulky and heavy items on the spot, you can travel light. However, it turned out that there is no such service in Armenia. Therefore, in 2018, we, being young parents, decided to organize such a service.


Our company offers high-quality children’s products from well-known manufacturers for rent on the most favorable terms. When planning a trip to Armenia, or already on the spot, you can contact BABY IN CITY. The employees of the rental service will promptly deliver the goods ordered by you to the specified address in Yerevan. All our products are in perfect condition and are cleansed after each client, so they are absolutely safe for your baby. Renting children’s goods is an opportunity to make life more comfortable right now.


We do our best to make rental services as comfortable as possible for our customers. You can see the details of the rental conditions of BABY IN CITY on our website.

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